Finding a new place to live can be as exciting as it is stressful. There are so many things to do as part of a move; you have to know about the part of town you’re moving to, find out about local places to do things, notify everyone of your new address, and actually pick a place to live. 
For some that means buying a house, but for many others this means moving into an apartment. At Shop Rental Finder, we know how difficult finding the right apartment is. There are so many choices and certain amenities that you might need. The most important thing is can you trust your management company if something goes wrong during your lease? 
Being able to trust your management company is a must. If there’s something wrong with the apartment itself or a dispute with your neighbors, then you need to know that the company in charge will take care of the matter.  The goal of our magazine is to help local renters find apartments run by reputable companies.
Shop Rental Finder is a locally owned magazine and our focus has always been working with local apartment complexes. We build a relationship with the companies that manage the properties listed on our site and in our magazine. It is because of that relationship that we know that the management companies that run the properties listed in our magazine genuinely care about their tenants and the local community.
Our goal is to provide renters with all the information they need to move forward in selecting an apartment. We not only provide a list of apartments and their amenities; we also list other helpful information for renters. 
Our website lists other local companies so that new tenants can find great local businesses to support. Shop Rental Finder also provides helpful tips to renter about things like finding a roommate and tips for finding jobs.
For Shop Rental Finder, this is more than a simple magazine and website. This is about building a local community. We focus on promoting local apartments, and local businesses. We want  the renters who use our resources to really understand the area they are moving to. 
We know this area and we love it. We want people who live here to love it too and that means taking the time to find trustworthy businesses and properties to work with. That’s the kind of information you’ll find in our magazine and that’s the kind of business where you’ll find our magazine distributed.
However, you don’t need to take our word for it. Look at our website, and check the information listed on it. You’ll see the things we’ve mentioned here and so much more. Then compare it to other apartment sites and the detail they go into about local areas, you’ll see the difference. 

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