Enjoying the Outdoors -- Yes, It's Possible to Do at Your Carbondale Apartment Community!

Just because you live in a bustling college town doesn't mean that you have to cut off all ties with Mother Nature.  As much as you may love your apartment's air conditioned fitness center, the peace and quiet in the business center, or the piping hot coffee down in the café, you'll also love spending time in the great outdoors.

No matter which Carbondale apartment community you call home, here are 4 tips to help you enjoy the outdoors:

1.  Harness the full power of your balcony

If you've just plopped a couple of old camping chairs out there, you're missing a great opportunity to relax outside.  You don't have to spend a fortune on patio furniture, but a couple of weather-resistant chairs (and even a small table if you have room for it) can turn your balcony into a peaceful place to enjoy a glass of wine or read the latest chapter of your psychology textbook.

To really kick the outdoor living up a notch, invest in a few potted plants.  Or better yet, create a small container garden so that you can grow your own fruits, vegetables, or herbs.  Even a small balcony has room for a pot of fresh basil!

Don't have a patio?  No problem! As long as you've got a sunny windowsill you can grow your own plants and herbs.

2.  Commit to eating one meal outside each week

Whether you want to have some friends over for a small cookout down at the community grill, or you simply want to enjoy your take-out on your patio, eating outside will give you a nice change of pace from all of the classes, papers, and labs you're working on all day long.

3.  Squeeze in time at sunrise or sunset

Love getting up early?  Set your alarm clock a little earlier than normal so that you can grab a cup of coffee and head down to the pool deck to watch the sunrise.

Can't function properly before 10 AM?  Grab some sparkling water and head downstairs to watch the sun set.  Either way, this is a great chance to snag some quiet solitude in the midst of your busy life.

4.  Play some sports

Many of the apartment communities around Carbondale have basketball courts and volleyball courts, so grab a ball and some friends and enjoy!

If Fido is your favorite roommate, live in one of the several Carbondale apartment complexes that are pet friendly. That way, you and your best friend can soak up the fresh air together!


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