How to Break Into the Vacation Rental Market

Aug 25 2021 3:52PM

By: Daniel Sherwin   The vacation rental industry continues to grow as travelers seek home-like amenities, privacy, and space. Short-term rentals were the quickest hospitality sector to rebound after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and business owners continue to remain optimistic through the remainder of 2021. This, combined with rising prices and project delays in the construction sector, has led some real estate investors to turn their attention to short-term rentals instead of fixing and flipping. However, managing vacation rentals is a much different business than fixing and flipping properties. Rental Finder offers the following guidance real estate investors need to know before diving into short-term rentals. Remodeling to appeal to the vacation rental market Renters want many of the same things as buyers, however, there are key differences to know when entering the short-term rental market. ? Many of the same improvements that increase the value of your investment property also appeal to vacation rental customers. Think good curb appeal, modern kitchens, and accessible interiors. ? Keep maintenance in mind when remodeling a vacation rental property. Low maintenance materials and fuss-free landscaping save time and money for property owners. ? Investors entering the short-term rental market should pay special attention to security. Consider passive security features like fencing and landscape lighting along with smart locks and security systems. Building a vacation rental business Your expertis

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Why Look For An Apartment With Us?

May 17 2021 7:43AM

Finding a new place to live can be as exciting as it is stressful. There are so many things to do as part of a move; you have to know about the part of town you’re moving to, find out about local places to do things, notify everyone of your new address, and actually pick a place to live.    For some that means buying a house, but for many others this means moving into an apartment. At Shop Rental Finder, we know how difficult finding the right apartment is. There are so many choices and certain amenities that you might need. The most important thing is can you trust your management company if something goes wrong during your lease?    Being able to trust your management company is a must. If there’s something wrong with the apartment itself or a dispute with your neighbors, then you need to know that the company in charge will take care of the matter.  The goal of our magazine is to help local renters find apartments run by reputable companies.   Shop Rental Finder is a locally owned magazine and our focus has always been working with local apartment complexes. We build a relationship with the companies that manage the properties listed on our site and in our magazine. It is because of that relationship that we know that the management companies that run the properties listed in our magazine genuinely care about their tenants and the local community.

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Want To Support Local Businesses?

Jun 24 2020 1:38PM

If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that our local community is vital. Quarantine has caused many people to visit local grocery stores, farmers' markets, and other small and medium-sized businesses. Coronavirus has taught us just how important the local economy and community support really are. As the country opens back up, more and more people are choosing to support local business. A good local business can become the cornerstone of a community. One such business is The Family Bakery in Owensboro, Ken

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Weekly Rental Guide - Student Housing

Nov 13 2016 10:18PM

In this week's edition of Weekly Rental Guide, we explore common questio

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Weekly Rental Guide - Property Management

Oct 16 2016 11:51PM

In this weeks episode of Weekly Rental Finder we look at the advantages a prope

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Holiday Savings at Arbors at Evansville

Oct 11 2016 5:37PM

Great holiday savings now available at Arbors at E

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Weekly Rental Guide - Storage

Oct 4 2016 4:57PM

In this weeks edition of Weekly Rental Guide, we look at what storage units are good for when moving into an apartment and the steps associated with renting a storage unit.

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Affordable Housing

Jun 2 2016 5:55PM

    Ever wondered what it means when you see “Affordable Housing” on an Apartment Community? Affordable Housing is a tax credit program for individuals and families on fixed or lower incomes. The Benefit to you is that living in an “Affordable Housing” community means living in a newly constructed or substantially rehabbed apartment home with rents lower than the market rate. To determine if you are eligible, contact the specific “Affordable Housing” community you are interested in applying to. Each community will have specific resident selection criteria that may include: *Income – Usually the applicant must

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Apartment Communities in Bigger Cities

Apr 26 2016 12:29PM

Have you noticed the trend in larger cities?   It seems that there are new apartment communities being built where the ground level contains retail shops.   There are sandwich shops, yogurt shops etc.   I've noticed that

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Apr 20 2016 1:17PM

Cross Lake Apartment Homes, one of our Spotlight Communities wrote the below blog about what a prospect can expect when they are interested in renting one of their apartments.   If you are an apartment shopper, this will give you an idea of the process and what to bring  when looking to rent an apartment.   Please come prepared with a government issued idea and your walking shoes!  Our upcoming homes are limited each month, if you would like to live at Cross Lake you must place your security deposit.  Next we will have you fill out an application.  Each resident

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Things Apartment Shoppers need to know

Apr 12 2016 2:43PM

If you are looking for a place to live, there are a few things to keep in mind. - Start your search early.   Believe it or not, the place you want to live may not have any available apartments when you need one.   As soon as you know you are moving, start searching.  Use our book, site and social media platforms.   Find a list of places you think you want to live and call them.   Let them know whether you need a 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartment and when you want to move.   - Go visit the communities you are interested in.  Make sure they of

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Apartment Shopping Feedback

Mar 28 2016 1:26PM

  Our book and site will be ever evolving to keep up with the demands of apartment shoppers.  If you have an idea for the book or site, please let us know.  We know that your home is very important to you and we want to make your search the fastest, easiest and simplest.   We're in the business of helping apartment shoppe

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Using the website to shop for an apartment

Mar 14 2016 3:40PM

If you live outside of the Tri-State area and are looking for an apartment home in either Evansville, Newburgh IN or Owensboro, KY, you will want to use    Our site provides simple searches and great cost comparison information. Here are a few tips to use the full power of this site to find your next apartment home. Just scroll through the listings. -Refine your search by selecting a city, beds and baths from the top navigation bar which is always in view. -We also have a QUICK SEARCH in the same top navigation bar with preconfigured one click search options. Use the map and click on the DRAW SEARCH AREA button.  Draw an area on the map, hit search and each listing will be identified o

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How To shop for an Apartment Home.

Mar 8 2016 7:36PM

    Welcome to the Evansville Owensboro Rental Finder!   We make searching for your next home a breeze.   If you are in the cities of Evansville, Newburgh, Boonville, Chandler, Ft. Branch, Princeton, Reo Indiana or Owensboro, Henderson Kentucky... you can look for our outdoor boxes or indoor racks at area businesses to pick up a magazine.    The magazine is the most simplified way to search.  On the inside cover is the List of Communities.  The list of communities gives you the area of town and page number the community is on.  The Evansville map is also on the inside cover and the Owensboro map is on the next page.  The maps will show you where properties are located within those cities.    As you look through the pages of the magazine, you will see the area of town in the upper left corner for each community.  These are color coded allowing you to  easily identify the sections of that town.  Evansville North is Teal, Evansville East is Blue, Evansville West is Pink, Newburgh is Yellow and Owensboro is Orange. You will see that all Community pages are similiar.  That's to help you quickly find the information you

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